ArcGIS Javascript API Project

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Exploring the ARCGIS JavaScript API


The Goal of The Project will be to Provide Insight into the use and applications of the ARCGIS JavaScript API. The main focus of the tutorial wil be applying the API inside of a simple Web App. The code editor and run-time envrioment that the user will use is CodePen which will allow them to write code and immediatley see the resulting web app without any unnecessary inconveniences of learning how to deploy or test the code snippets.

Setup Procedures

1 . Navigate to and Sign up for a free account

Note: You can sign up with facebook, Email, or even Github to easily have your code written in CodePen be merged to a repository.

2 . Once Logged in create a new Pen(document) by navigating to the Top left and clicking Pen

Note: CodePen offers the ability to also create Projects, Posts, and Collects that all can be added to a Personal Dashboard

3 . CodePen gives the ability to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all on the same page. All output will be Automatically generated in the light gray area

4 . If you wish to change the Layout; do so by clicking Change View on the Top right and selecting an appropriate Layout

Outline of API Features to be explored

Note: The tutorial will highlight a small subset of the APIs countless features to get the user interested to explorer on their own

1 . Create Simple 2D SceneView of Brock University

Note: Finished By 01/24/20 Update: Completed

2 . Add a BaseMap Selection Widget

Note: Finished By 01/31/20

3 . Draw Graphics

Note: Finished By 02/07/20

4 . Get routes and Directions

Note: Finished By 02/14/20

5 . Display ArcGis Pro Maps

Note: Finished By 02/21/20