Collecting In Omeka S

Instructions for using the Collecting Module in Omeka S

Collecting in Omeka S

A brief tutorial on getting started with the colecting module in Omeka S.

What is the Collecting Module?

The Collecting Module for Omeka S is used to create forms on your sites that gather user submitted data in the form of media and metadata.

What you will need

Setting up collecting

To begin, log in to Omeka S and navigate to your site. On the left hand menu you will see a “Collecting” option. Click “Collecting” to go to your collection forms page.

Collecting button in menu

Here you will see any collection forms you have already as well as the “Add new form” button. To get started on a new for click “Add new form”.

New form button

This new page is where you will build your collecting form. Begin by entering:

Collecting form setup page

The next section is where you add the prompts for your form. By default there will be a Title prompt already present. To add a new prompt click the “Add Prompt” button to open the prompt menu on the right. From this menu, select the type of prompt you want to add:

Promt options page

Once the form is constructed to your liking, click the “Save” button to create the form.

Before you add the form to your site, it is reccomended that you set up your “Terms of Service” for the site. This will appear in every form on your site. To do this go to the Settings option in the left hand menu for your site. Scroll down to collecting and you will see a space to add your terms of service. This is also where you will designate which e-mail address confirmation e-mail will be sent from. Once you have enetered your content, hit the “Save” button at the top right of the page.

Text box for adding terms of service

Now that the form is ready, you can add it to a page on your site by adding the “Collecting” block in your page editor and selecting which form to display.

Collecting Block

Once some submissions have been made to your form, you can manage them from the collecting section on your site.

Collected items page

And with that your form is fully functional!


For inspiration, check out the exaples below of existing forms and how they are set up.

Here is an example of a nice item submission form.

And a portion of the prompts they used Promts used for the item submission page

This is an example of a form being used to collect just text responses

And some of the prompts they used Promts used for the text submission page

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