Data Visualization Contest

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Contest Rules

The Brock University Digital Scholarship Lab invites you to show your skills in our annual Data Visualization contest!

Starting on November 1st, you will have 1 month to create your best data visualization using one of the datasets provided. Entries will be reviewed by our panel of judges on December 1st based on the following criteria:

  1. Comprehension: How easy is it to see and understand the point(s) your visualization makes and why they are relevant?
  2. Insight: How innovative are the discoveries you made in the data?
  3. Aesthetics: Does it look good?

Submissions can be any type of data visualization you want! Digital submissions can be sent to with “Data Visualization Contest Entry” as the subject line.

If your submission is too large to send via e-mail or has special requirements, please contact and we will work out an appropriate submission method for you.

This contest is only open to Brock students. Only submissions received from a Brock email ( will be considered for judging.

The chosen winner will get a $25 Amazon gift card and bragging rights for the year!


Choose one of the following datasets and create a visualization that identifies one or more interesting elements of the data.

Titanic Passenger Data
Dataset containing details about each passenger on the Titanic when it sank.
Click Here to download the dataset. Details about the columns in the dataset can be found Here.

Adidas Sales Data
Dataset containing Adidas sales data for the years 2020 and 2021.
Click Here to download the dataset.

Niagara Census Data 2016
Census data variables from 2016 census joined with a census tract boundary file for the region of Niagara
Click Here to download the dataset.

Enron Email Dataset
Dataset containing nearly 500,000 e-mails from Enron employees. This dataset is only recommended for participants who want a challenge and are comfortable working with tarred and gzipped files.
Information about the data and the dataset itself can be found Here


Titanic dataset obtained from
Adidas Dataset obtained from