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Desktop Applications

These are the desktop applications that have been given the DSL seal of approval!

Anaconda is an open source platform for working in Python and R that simplifies package management and deployment.

AntConc is a program for analyzing electronic texts in order to find and reveal patterns in language.

ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGis Desktop is a Geographic Information System that simplifies working with geographic and map data.

Package manager for windows that lets you quickly install applications and tools.

DB Browser for SQLite
DB Browser for SQLite ia a graphic user interface for SQLite.

Git For Windows
Provides Git functionality from the command line and a Bash shell.

Open source visualization and exploration software for graphs and network style data sets

Jupyter Portable
Jupyter Portable is a portable version of Jupyter Lab for Windows

Analysis and design tool for data

Language and text analysis tool

Useful tool for sorting and cleaning data

Python 3.X IDE
Popular programming language

Power Bi
A tool for creating interactive data visualizations. It is part of Microsoft Office Suite.

Graphic user interface and tool for interacting with the R programming language

Ruby On Rails
A tool for using the Ruby language to build databases, web services and web pages.

Sage Math
Sage Math is a mathematics software system that lets you use multiple open source math packages at once.

A software suite for doing advanced analytics

A reliable SQL database engine

Super Collider A powerful audio analysis, synthesis and processing tool.

Tableau Desktop
An popular platform for creating powerful interactive data visualizations.

Virtual Box Allows for the creation and management of host virtual machines running a selection of popular operating systems

A tool for quickly creating and saving citation data