GSC Maps and Data

A tutorial outlining steps to using GeoScan for access to Canadian geology maps

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Maps & Data

This brief tutorial outlines a search and retrieval procedure for GSC maps and data using GeoScan Advanced Search.


  1. Go to
  2. Select English then click the Advanced Search option.
  3. Enter a geographic keyword such as “Lake Simcoe”
  4. Click subject to browse the subject listing or enter a subject keyword such as “geology”
  5. Check the box beside the province of interest.
  6. From the Series list, select GSC A-Series maps (geology)
  7. Beside Format, select Digital
  8. Check the box for content with online images
  9. Click Search

    advanced search

  10. Browse the results for a suitable map and click on the title for the map.
  11. Click Downloads to access download options.

    search results

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