Introduction To Tableau Part 1

Homepage for the Introduction to Tableau - Part 1 workshop hosted by the Brock University Digital Scholarship Lab

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Introduction to Tableau Part 1

This workshop will introduce the most basic functions of Tableau Public such as connecting to a dataset, navigating the workspace, and how to build basic data visualizations.

No prior experience with Tableau is needed for this workshop.

Estimated workshop length: 1.5 hours

Setup Instructions

In preparation for this workshop, you will need to download and install the latest version of Tableau Public which can be done using the link below (keep in mind that you may need to contact your institution for permission to install programs).

Download Tableau Public

You will also need to download the two excel workbooks used in this workshop by using the links below:

Dataset 1 - Mahogany Mary Sales Data

Dataset 2 - Customer Satisfaction Data

Workshop Tasks

Task Set 1

  1. Open Tableau Public and use the Excel connector to connect to the Mahogany Mary 2018 Sales Data
  2. Add the Customer Satisfaction data to your connections and drag the table into the join window
  3. Adjust the datatypes on your tables to match the data in each column (Remember to set Order Number to string!)
  4. When completed type “DATA PREPPED” into the chat

Task Set 2

  1. Drag a measure and a dimension onto the worksheet to make a visualization
  2. Clear the worksheet using the “Clear Sheet” button and drag a different measure and dimension onto the worksheet
  3. Make a new sheet using the “New Worksheet” button
  4. Open the “Show Me” menu and look at the pieces needed to make different visualizations
  5. Hold CTRL (or CMD on mac) and select some measures and dimensions then click on one of the highlighted visualizations in the “Show Me” menu to make it
  6. Try selecting different highlighted visualizations and notice of which one has the orange border around it
  7. When you are done type “KNOWLEDGE AQUIRED!!!!” into the chat

Task Set 3

  1. On a new sheet, create a scatterplot that compares Tip and Satisfaction Rating by adding those two measures to the Columns and Rows shelf
  2. Display a data point for each individual order by adding the Order Number dimension to the details mark
  3. Add Country to both the color mark and the shape mark to add some more layers of information to the data
  4. Adjust visibility to your liking by clicking on the size mark and using the slider to adjust the point size of your visualization
  5. Add a country filter to the filters tab and make it visible to add checkboxes to the right side of your visualization
  6. Add Order Date to the pages area and try adjusting the “Show History” settings for different kinds of experiences
  7. Feel free to try adjusting various setting to see what changes occur, keeping in mind that Tableau has infinite undo’s so you don’t need to worry about wrecking your visualization.
  8. When you are done type “DEMO MASTERED” in the chat

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