Machine Learning with Python

An introduction to Machine Learning with Python and SciKit

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Introduction to Machine Learning with Python

We’ll do all of the work for today’s tutorial using Juypter Notebooks and Google Colab. You’ll need a Google Account to launch the interactive interface.


This tutorial assumes some knowledge of Python. To get ready for this session you can complete the following:

Introduction to Python - An introduction to the langauage that starts from scratch

Python 2.0 - A more advanced look into Python that focuses on how to analyze data using the language


Case Study: Sci Hub Usage - A case study workshop that uses Python tools to analyze usage patterns of the (in)famous platform SciHub


A handout with a description of what is covered in the session can be found here

Getting Started

We will be using the Google Collab platform for today’s workshop.

Open In Colab Intro to Machine Learning