Omeka S Tutorial

A basic tutorial on Omeka-s


Omeka S Tutorial

A very basic tutorial on Omeka S

Welcome to the wonderful world of Omeka S. This tutorial will provide you with the basic tools you will need to start working with Omeka S. For this tutorial we recommend that you follow along on one of the Omeka S Sandbox accounts. Keep in mind that these accounts wipe all data a few times per week as they are meant for demo use only.

Another excellent resource is the Omeka S Manual which explains each option in the Omeka workspace in great detail.

Step 1 - Plan your site

Before you start making a site with Omeka S it is important to plan out what your site will be about. Think about what resources you want to have on your site, how many pages you will have and what the contents of each page will be. Make sure to come up with a meaningful title and site summary as well. For this tutorial the theme will be Canadian Prime Ministers.

Step 2 - Make an Item Set

Step 3 - Make a Site

Step 4 - Items

Step 5 - Pages

Step 6 - Make your site public

And just like that you have an active exhibit!

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