Taguette Tutorial

A brief introduction to the Taguette tool

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Taguette Tutorial

Taguette is a qualitative analysis tool that allows you to upload a collection of documents, create a hierarchy of tags, and annotate portions of documents with tags and notes that you can recall and organize later. This information and more can be found on Taguettes official website here.

Getting Taguette

You can use the free online version of Taguette hosted on the Taguette teams servers by registering on their site or you can download Taguette here and run it on your own machine.

Setting up a Project

Once you have installed Taguette, open the program. Taguette will open in your computers preferred web browser. On the first screen you will be able to open your old projects as well as create new projects. Select “Create a project”, give it a name and a description and then click the “Create” button.

Working in Taguette

There are three main sections in Taguette accessed by the tabs in the menu on the left. These sections are “Project Info”, “Documents”, and “Highlights”. The Project Info tab contains the name and description of the project, the menu for exporting your project, and the button that allows you to delete the project.

Create a project page

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