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The Project

This website is dedicated to documenting the progress of the Brock University team as they work through the Archives Unleashed Cohort program. Over a series of blog posts we are hoping to tell the story of the project and share the outputs of our work.

Archives Unleashed

Archives Unleashed is a huge collaborative initiative that spans many different universities, governmental organizations, the Internet Archive, and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Its primary mission is to make petabytes of historical internet content accessible to researchers interested in studying the recent past.

Archives Unleashed Cohort program

One of the many projects Archives Unleashed is undertaking is a Cohort program. The goal of which is to facilitate research engagement with web archives. The Crisis Communication in Niagara project was a successful application for this grant. As we progress through all of the stages of our work we will document outcomes on this site and hopefully tell a story of not just our end results but all of the steps along the way. In total for this year five projects were selected for the Cohort program. A recent press release provides a great summary of those five.

Kick off Event

Work officially began in mid-July with a start up event where all five groups presented their researcher plans. I encourage you to take a look at our slides for more details about what we are hoping to tackle. The two day session also included lots of chances for generative discussions about utilizing web archives in research, and a demo of a new tool project teams will be able to use to create derivatives from their larger web archives.

Watch this space for more updates as we progress. Next step up is getting our research assistant lined up and preparing for an in-class activity ready for October.