All Our Yesterdays

A toolkit to explore the contents of Web Archives. For more information and an overview of the platform please watch a short video on how it works. Most of what AOYTK can do is built on the derivative output of ARCH and/or AUT but it can easily to modified to work with other derivatives.

Where are my files saved?

By default all of the files generated by All Our Yesterdays are saved in the top level of your Google Drive in a folder called AOY. Every time you run AOYTK it will ask you to set this directory.


Two options are available to get your data ready

Open In Colab - Derivative Generator


Premade Notebooks to analyze different derivative types are outlined in the following chart. These types are based on the output of ARCH. General categories are in figure 1.

Category Notebook Topic Launch
  Collection Analysis Open In Colab
  Graph Analysis Open In Colab
  Basic Text Analysis Open In Colab
  Topic Modeling Open In Colab


If you don’t like the Colab environment CSV representations of your data will be saved to the Google Drive so that you can download them to use in different tools.

category types

figure 1.


About - A quick look at the project.

API Docs - Listing of all of the objects and functions in the aoytk object